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Wikipedia Will be Closed

Wikipedia will be Temporarily Closed

wikipedia According to Wikipedia Anti-Piracy bill would reduce the freedom of expression on the internet.
Wikipedia English-language services plans to close today (Wednesday, 18 / 1) as a form of protest against the draft legislation (Bill) Anti-Piracy in the U.S..
Sites with content that was also built by other users like Reddit and Boing Boing blog also states will take part in the agenda of “closure” that, although the Twitter service refused to get involved.
According to Wikipedia the manager, they opposed the bill Termination of Piracy (Sopa) and the draft Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Pipeline) that is now being debated in Congress.
Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, told the BBC: “Sopa Supporters portray opponents of this bill as a group that wants to legalize piracy or encourage piracy. But that’s not really the problem. The problem is that this bill is redundant and badly organized so that it will impact on all aspects that, you know, nothing to do with efforts to stop piracy. ”
White House support
Supporters of the bill in the House of Representatives U.S. Sopa said filing the bill is expected to halt “illegal websites” reap the benefits of online piracy. While the Bill Pipes similar to Sopa, is currently in the process leading to the discussion in the U.S. Senate.
Saturday’s White House issued a statement which many interpreted as support for criticism in the filing the bill.
“While we believe that online piracy by foreign websites is a serious problem that requires the effort of legislation, we will not support a bill that would reduce the freedom of expression, to boost cyber security risks, or even mengkerdilkan global innovation and the dynamics of the Internet.”
However Wikipedia says manager administrator for English service will still continue to protest plans to close its services on the grounds while the second bill would “destroy the world of open web and free”.
“We’re not sure Sopa be whole, while the pipe is still being processed. Sopa and Pipe Moreover only two of a series of indications that there is a bigger problem. Around the world in which we see the emergence of development of legislation designed to fight online piracy or otherwise regulate the internet , which in turn opposes the freedom of surfing. ”
In the stronghold of supporters of this bill, there is a strong name as the owner of News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch.
These sites are intended to hold a protest action will terminate their service for 24 hours with effect from midnight U.S. time, on Wednesday.

source : http://vickana.tk/wikipedia-will-be-temporarily-closed.html

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