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Against refusal SOPA and PIPA

Stop SOPA and PIPA

The world is talking SOPA fever and PIPA. The second word is not the name of home furnishings. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA short for IP Protec Act.SOPA (known as House Bill 3261) is a bill proposed in the House of Representatives of the United States on October 26, 2011 by the Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary United States House of Representatives, Lamar Smith Seeligson and a bipartisan group of 12 initial sponsors.

The draft lawif applied by lawwould expand the ability of United States law enforcementand copyright holders for the fight against online trading in copyrighted intellectual property and pirated goodsThe bill submitted to the House Judiciary Committee is based on the PRO-IP Act (the Act PRO-IP) and in 2008 a similar bill from the SenaterelatedIP PROTECT Act (PROTECT Act IP.

So what are the implications? Of course very muchOne is Onliner will no longer be able to perform activities without any download or upload copyright licensesWho are the losersAll Internet users must

Various protests were made ​​by many partiesFamous sites such as wikipedia, WordPress, Google, Mozilla, Reddit, Flickr and more than 7000 other sites participating in the strike.

Here are some screen sites that contributed to the blackoutGoogle itself protested by displaying a link on front page with the phrase "Tell CongressPlease do not censor the web!"

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