Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Ramnit Was Steal 45 Thousand Password on Facebook

A malicious program or a malware named Ramnit re-launched its action, this time targeting the users of Facebook. This malware was reported to steal passwords and usernames belong to 45 thousand more users.

Most users who are victims are Facebook users in France and England. Not only steal Facebook usernames and passwords, can also infect computers Ramnit Windows and Microsoft Office files and HTML.

"We suspect that these hackers had stolen confidential data to log-in to the victim's Facebook account. They spread malicious links to the Facebook friends of victims," the report quoted by Cnet, quoted on Friday (01/06/2012).

In addition, they like get 'bonus' when the victim was using the same username and password for the account of other services such as Gmail, Twitter and others.

Internet and computer security expert who knows the password and username theft has been informed and will give up the stolen data found on the server Ramnit.

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