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Who's Opponents and Supporters SOPA - PIPA?

Opponents and Supporters SOPA - PIPA

WASHINGTON - For its opponents, Stop Online Piracy Act ( SOPA ) and Protect IP Act ( PIPA ) is a threat to the freedom of surfing, supporters of the draft laws on the contrary consider them as a way to save the intellectual property from piracy.

SOPA The bill was written by members of the House of Representatives United States (U.S.) Lamar Smith, and obtain 31 sponsors in the council. While PIPA authored by Senator Patrick Leahy, and get 40 sponsors in the Senate.
The White House has expressed concerns about the bill, and write a statement saying that any effective regulation should reflect the large number of shareholders, including every person, from the creators of content to the technicians who build and maintain the infrastructure of the Internet.
Reported by PC World, Thursday (19/01/2012), outside the government, the parties that support the SOPA - PIPA mostly comprised of media companies. Including record labels, TV networks, movie studios and book publishers. Some companies are keen to fight the sale of counterfeit products, such as Revlon beauty products manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, also appear in the list of supporters SOPA - PIPA.
Meanwhile, on the opposite side stood the yagn company engaged in the technology sector. They signed an open letter to oppose the bill, and send it to Washington. The founder of Craigslist, eBay, Google, Mozilla, Twitter, and Wikipedia, are among those who signed the open letter.
Apart from opponents and supporters, there are also companies that are in the middle between the media and technology. Most publishers of video games remain silent on the issue. But their trade group, namely Enetertainment Software Association, supports the bill SOPA - PIPA. Busines Software Alliance (BSA) also supports the bill, but has pulled its support because the judge rules it has gone too far.
Microsoft and Apple, both are members of the BSA. But Apple did not declare to the public regarding the support or rejection of the SOPA - PIPA, while Microsoft now has opposed the bill.

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