Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

21st Seoul Music Awards 2012, in Olympic Stadium

Seoul Music Awards 2012

"Who will receive the greatest the honor in the music industry?"

Conclusion to the music industry in 2011 - "The High One 21st Seoul Music Awards" to be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on January 19. From 19:00 to 22:00 KST day, through KBS, KBS Joy, KBS Prime, etc., the event will be broadcast live. Seoul Music Awards is the biggest celebration in the music industry in the country, then get great anticipation. Sponsored by the Sports Seoul, High One Resort and supported by the Korean commission, "The High One 21st Seoul Music Awards" will give Bonsang to 10 teams from one team will be provided with Daesang, Best Album Award, Digital Music Awards, Rookie Award and R & B Ballad, Hip Hop Trot, etc..

For different genres of music and cultural performance awards, special awards hallyu, a high appreciation of popularity.

The popularity of early voting, there is a tendency of "male power" which won Bonsang to 15.

Super Junior, TOP TEEN and Lee Seung Gi is involved in a fierce battle for the lead. With the "Perfume No More On You" hit TOP TEEN in a place with 18.3% of the vote, followed by Super Junior "Mr. Simple "with 16.2% of the vote, Lee Seung Gi with popular hits" Time To Love "and" We Are not Friend "15.5% of the vote.

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