Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

2 Kick Preventing Malware on Android Market

androit malware
Android was highlighted because the latter began to bloom surrounded malicious program (malware). Action of this viral infection occurs even in the Android Market, where users install new applications.

Users would not necessarily downloading malware. Because the malicious programs hiding behind the name is very popular applications, such as Angry Birds.

But true it is the application abal-abal fake alias. It's just that the victim is less nimble and did not investigate further, until eventually infected.

Here are two quick tips provided security firm Trend Micro to ward off malware infections in the Android Market:

Who is the manufacturer's application?

Regular cybercriminals always follow what's popular applications, then they make copies. For example a malicious application for the famous game Angry Birds, made ​​by Rovio Mobile, malicious hoax ever made it from the developer Logastrod.

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