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Yahoo has Left the Founder ( Jerry Yang )

jerry yang
Not long after the appointment of its new CEO, Yahoo actually abandoned their icons. Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, officially resigned.

Jerry left office at the Internet giant is not only chair of the Board of Directors. But also all the frills upon him for this position, such as the board of Yahoo Japan Corporation and Alibaba Group, Yahoo internet business partner in China.

"It's time for me to pursue other interests outside of Yahoo," said Jerry, in a statement.

"While leaving this company, but I still believe in Yahoo after the appointment of Scott Thompson as chief executive officer and possession of this ability, and leadership team owned by Yahoo will bring this company to success in the future." he added, quoted from Cnet, Wednesday (01/18/2012).

Own Jerry Yang founded Yahoo in 1995 with David Filo. If Microsoft is so synonymous with Bill Gates, then Yahoo's so attached to the figure of Jerry because he appears as a motorcycle company.

Jerry also served as CEO of Yahoo since June 2007 until January 2009. Later, he was replaced by Carol Bartz is in fact did not last long due to be dismissed after 30 months in charge.

Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock was only able to give up the departure of Jerry and hope the best for her. "I and the entire board of directors respect her decision, and of course we will miss his thinking vision and extraordinary," said Bostock, in an official statement of the company.

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